The Magnitude of the Moment

Radio ShineSome moments are so huge in our lives that they are difficult to stand beneath the weight of their significance.  These are the moments that test our mettle, prove our character, and exhibit the substance of our faith.  This is the kind of day that Kim & I just had as we shared with our dear Radio Shine family that after more than a decade of ministry together, God is leading us out on our next big adventure with Him.  Kleenex..please.



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  1. Jaye Lene says:

    It it time for your next graduation step. Loved how you shared your heart, passion and His magnified vision. The divine steps that have been revealed for as long as you can remember…the intecacies are nothing short of amazing!
    Can’t wait to see how He puts the next few moths together.

    David and I are committed to pray and support y’all. We consider you and Kim very good friends.

    Who knows? There just may be a trip to Manilla in our futrue. Love how He makes the mystery known!

    1. You and David have been great friends and an incredible source of encouragement for Kim & me. I couldn’t be happier for you and for Radio Shine now that you are part of the team…only sad that I get to be a part of that for only a year:(

      We are honored that you have decided to be a prayer and support partner. Our fundraising has officially begun and you can make a gift at anytime through the website. All gifts that come in now before the transition will be set aside towards special projects like our moving expenses.

  2. Kyra A Winkelman says:

    Oh wow! When is this taking place and are you moving to the Philippians? Bitter sweet. I have known Mike for more probably all of those 10 yrs with Radio Shine. I have a brother/sister relationship. He has cried with me and prayed with me through various storms of life. However with FB I know we will be able to stay in touch. You too Kimberly I have only known you for a short time but you are an awesome woman of God, Mother and wife. I will pray for you all as the Lord leads and remember you are forever in my heart.. love you guys Kyra

    1. Kyra…you’re too kind. We love you too. Kim & I have at least 12 months remaining in Prescott and at Radio Shine while we raise our support. If your church supports missionaries or is open to the idea we would be honored to share our vision at a service there. Please let me know!

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