Exciting News from Muslim Concentrated Ipil

Mike with Brother Geoffrey

I just received this email from Brother Geoffrey, a dear Filipino pastor leading The Edge expansion in Ipil, Mindano. Kim & I had the honor of meeting during our visit in May. For 4 years he has been praying that The Edge could come to his town that is predominantly Muslim…

Putting the finishing touch on the Ipil tower.

“We completed the tower erection and antenna installation yesterday at about 5:30 PM. We started the test broadcast… What amazed me, after more than 2 hours of airing, someone texted that the music that we played touched him and eventually led him to tears.

It is not by our might but by God’s power.

The Ipil engineering team pauses for a brief celebration at the base of the new Edge Radio Ipil tower.

Thanks for your prayers.

God bless us all,

Brod Geoffrey”

Pray that God continue to raise up Filipino leaders like Geoffrey who have a passion and unwavering commitment to reach their fellow Filipinos!!!


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