Maximum Capacity

Maximum Capacity

Doing Lots with Little…A Special Opportunity to Do Something Significant

(Taken from our MedlinsOnMission E-mail Update-Click here to subscribe.)

The photo above is of a recent in studio visit with one of our local Filipino Christian bands.  Their name is MTKross (pronounced “empty cross”).  Our small studio was anything but empty that day…it was overflowing and out into our office space.   The band actually has 10 members and we had to turn most of them away because we didn’t have the space to accommodate them.  That was a real eye opener for me.

Last year I was charged with restructuring our finances as a ministry as we were facing hefty budget reductions.  The cuts were painful.  Especially downsizing our ministry space.  We dropped from over 1550 sq ft to a space below 260 sq ft which houses our Ministry HQ, our office staff, and our studios.  As a media ministry we currently have over 30 active Filipino youth volunteers, but we have no place for them.  Whenever we all meet together like we did last week for the Positively Pinoy Kickoff it has to be at a different  venue and that comes at an additional cost to the ministry.  I think those dollars could be put to better use.

Here’s how cool God’s timing is.  Just as Positvely Pinoy is taking off, not one, but two office spaces have opened up in our building on our floor.  We are believing God that this is way more than coincidence.  The added space would more than double our office size and provide room for volunteer work stations, space for meetings and brainstorming creative projects, a video studio and production suite.

Perhaps this is the most awesome part…the price.  For only $300 a month our team can have the space they need for work…crafting creative and highly effective media for ministering to  young Filipinos.  Right now, God can use you in a very significant way to help us reach a generation for Christ.
Can you take on part or all of this amount for the next 12 months?
$50, $100, or $300 per month?
If you’d like to partner with us in this way, please email me directly by clicking here now and we’ll get back with you with all the details.



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