The Positive Revolution has Begun!

See What You Started!!!


Kim and I mean that in the best way possible.

Just a few short weeks ago our team in Manila was hard at work preparing for the launch of the Positively Pinoy mobile app for Android.  For months they worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork for this first ministry tool of it’s kind in the Philippines.

The +P app is serving Filipino youth with

  • Around the clock Christian music radio
  • Daily devotionals and discipleship materials at their fingertips
  • And live 24/7 spiritual coaching and counseling via chat on their mobile devices.

The app went live on January 8th and since that time has rocketed to the Top of Google Play’s “Pinoy” (slang for Filipino) branded applications.*   To God be the glory.  More impressive is the impact the app is having in the lives of young Filipinos.  Consider these comments  from our users…

“I just downloaded the app and I’ am so glad I did.  This is such a blessing!” – Yang

“I’m a BIG fan. Definitely share this with all my Pinoy friends all over the world.” – Bing

“A must app  for the go!  I don’t need to store music on my phone ’cause they have a really good playlist and I can also read inspirational stuff!” -Joel

And these from our “Need2Talk” counseling ministry where listeners have been seeking prayer and guidance through difficult situations…

“I want to be closer to God.  My parents aren’t believers and when I try to share the Word with them, I feel like they are starting to hate me.” -Sheila

“I get so nervous about my life.  I feel it could be so much better if I had more opportunities.  I didn’t do well in school and dropped out of college last year until now.  I want to do something with my life.  I want to know and do God’s will.” -Josie Marie

As one of our prayer partners and supporters we realize none of this would be possible without you. Your commitment to our family and the work we are called to has been so amazing and humbling for us to receive.   Last month we shared with you our desire to make the app available in iTunes so we could share it with the millions of iOS device users across the nation.  Thanks to your generous and eager response this ministry dream is now becoming a reality way ahead of schedule. The Positively Pinoy app for iOS is slated to be available in six weeks!  To say we are overwhelmed by your response and God’s faithfulness is a huge understatement.  Thank you!

* Out of 250 plus “Pinoy” branded and keyworded apps Positively Pinoy is consistently in the Top 50 and has peaked as high as 39 so far.  It has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 by app users!


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