Merry Christmas

God is with us!

The Great Promise of Christmas is still true!

Ask any of our kids and they’ll all tell you the same.  No matter how much our Christmas celebrations have changed over the years, at least one thing has remained a steady tradition.  Dad is going to cry during the reading of the Christmas story.

I’ve always been in-touch with my emotions, but the older I get, the more that touch has transitioned from a warm embrace to more of a bear-hug.  This morning was especially rough for me.  When we moved as missionaries to the Philippines in 2012, we knew that our tenure here with all the kids under our roof would be short.  With Dylan headed back to the states for college this summer, a chapter of our lives feels like it is closing way to early.

Like your family, there are many Christmas traditions that the Medlins hold dear, but when you strip them down to the bare essentials, most are just about being with each other.  Just like the song says, there really is “no place like home for the holidays.”  This morning the harsh reality that Dylan could be spending his next Christmas on the other side of the ocean began to painfully settle in.

That’s when the Lord whispered in my ear, “Immanuel.”

You see, God also has a Father’s heart for His kids and He desires to be “with us.”  It had been since before the Fall in the Garden of Eden that God had last walked the earth with man but when Jesus was born in that dusty stable in Bethlehem, not only would God again walk among us, He would dwell with us.  Then when Christ’s work on earth was done, He sent us the Comforter and today the Holy Spirit not only abides “with us” but “in us.”  Finally, through the atoning work of Christ on the cross, one day soon we can all look forward to our great forever-family reunion with Dad and all His kids in the sky.

That’s a message I needed reminding of today.  That’s a message the Philippines and the world needs to hear.  The promise of Christmas is still true.  God is with us and always will be.


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