Sharing God’s Love in the Most Volatile Region of the Philippines

January 25, 2015

was one of the darkest days of recent Philippines history.

Members of the Philippines National Police Special Action Force were responding to US intelligence regarding two high profile terrorists.  It was believed the terrorists were being harbored in a Moro Islamic Liberation Front controlled area in the province of Maguindanao. After troops engaged and eliminated the first suspected target, a lethal firefight broke out between the SAF and MILF forces.  It resulted in an unknown number of civilian casualties, 18 dead MILF combatants and the massacre of 44 members of the SAF. It was the bloodiest day of military action in the Philippines since the Japanese occupation of WWII and has severely jeopardized the fragile and controversial peace process in Mindanao.

Jesus replied,

“For what is impossible with men, is possible with God.”

Luke 18:27

The Miras family live in the neighboring province of Cotabato.  After coming to faith, the family developed a deep burden for sharing their new found hope in Christ with friends and neighbors without limits or restriction, believing the love of God through Jesus was for all Filipinos regardless of their label…Muslim, indigenous people groups, Communists(yes, they’re in the area too) or otherwise.  Over the years their ministry has included humanitarian work, relief efforts, education, church planting, evangelism and discipleship.  In 2010 our organization was blessed to welcome them as members of UCB Media Philippines Inc.  As I type this newsletter, the Miras family is poised to launch the largest Christian voice on the airwaves in the region.  When the Edge Kidapawan goes live on their new 5,000 watt transmitter and  200 ft. tower they will blanket south central Mindanao, including Maguindanao, with the Gospel.

When Mrs. Lilia Miras stood before the commissioners of the National Telecommunications Commission petitioning for the station’s signal, she was asked why she desired to have a radio station in Kidapawan.  Her response still gives me goosebumps…

“Honorable commissioners, with all due-respect, the government has done everything possible to deal with the ongoing conflict in Mindanao…isn’t it time we give God a chance?”

The Miras family has committed their lives and their resources (they have sold multiple pieces of family property to finance the station construction) to sharing God’s love with the people of Mindanao.  They realize that the only possible path to lasting peace in the region begins with peace with God on a personal level.

 Will you join us in prayer and support for this critical work? 

We are believing God for the completion of this project in the coming month.  The Miras family is so close to seeing this project completed.  Will you stand with us?

Click here to donate now with your one time gift or to join in monthly support with $30, $50, or $100 a month.  Your gifts are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.  Please select “Mike and Kim Medlin and Family” in the missionary drop down window to designate your funds for our work in Kidapawan and all across the Philippines.

Bless you!


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