Introducing Leia


Welcome to our World

Rejoicing over God’s newest gift to our family

Surprise!  In September of last year we learned that God might be blessing our family with a new member.  We were thrilled but also concerned.  Any family who has ever experienced the pain of miscarriage knows too well the feeling that teeters back and forth between joy and fear after a positive pregnancy test.  For the past nine months we have battled our way through those emotions…choosing to cling to our faith and hope that God alone is the author of life and that He could be trusted with how this chapter of our story would end.  Yesterday, this chapter came to a climatic end.  Two weeks earlier than expected, Kim’s labor pains began yesterday morning.  After it was apparent that baby was indeed on the way we made our way to the birthing center and without a moment to spare.  Kim went immediately into delivery and the panic ensued.  Over the next 10-15 minutes both midwives struggled to find baby’s heartbeat…one hand held doppler failed…let’s try another…still no heartbeat…let’s try the new doppler…no heartbeat..DEAR GOD NO…I can see the head…push Kim…delivery…then silence…NO GOD NO…then the sweetest sound ever…the faintest whimper of a cry, immediately joined by the cries of a thankful and overwhelmed Mom and Dad.  We close one chapter and turn over the first page of a brand new life.  Welcome to our world Leia Alexi.  Your are loved more than we could ever express.

Thank you for rejoicing with us and so glad to at last  be able to share this blessing with you!


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