The truth makes all the difference

Have you misunderstood someone this week?  Maybe you misheard what they said.  Perhaps you thought they did something they didn’t do or that they didn’t do something that they should have.  Regardless the cause, misunderstandings can take their toll on our relationships as bad information leads to wrong thoughts, to improper attitudes, to hurtful actions and eventually broken relationships.

This doesn’t just affect our relationships with each other, but also our relationship with God and with our self.  Filipino youth and young adults are awash with misinformation about life, self-identity, love and relationships as they feed on a steady diet of 8 hours of media every day.  Many are also misinformed about God, if He exists, and if He does, what He’s like and what they must do to earn His love.  These ideas form the foundation upon which a life is built… a shaky foundation always leads to troubled life.

Help Provide a Solid Foundation
There are so few outlets in the Philippines media landscape providing good information to counter the messages screaming at young pinoys from their screens and headphones.  For three years now, Kim and I have been blessed to serve one of the few media voices proclaiming Truth to this generation.  As we look back over the past year, we want to say thank you for making a difference for so many through your prayers and support.  You’ve helped…

  • Share God’s word with 16,000 Filipinos every month through our Free Word4U Today devotional
  • Minister to over 54,000 through our participation in Concerts and Events
  • Take Jesus to the airwaves for 2.5 Million in Mindanao (including Muslim & Communist communities) through the recently upgraded Edge Kidapawan radio station
  • Connect with 10s of thousands of Filipinos in country and around the world through our online and mobile platforms for PositivelyPinoy.

Whether talking about young call-center professionals using our app to stay connected to their faith in the workplace or Muslims in Mindanao hearing the truth about Jesus for the first time over the radio, God’s Word is powerful.  It is the truth and the truth sets men free.
“I’ve been listening to The Edge Radio for almost two years now. I always feel blessed and happy whenever I hear their positive music and inspiring messages. Thanks God for an app and website that encourages people and spreads God’s love not just in the Philippines but all over the world.”
Madz, a 27 yr. old fashion designer in Metro Manila
As 2015 winds down, there are so many opportunities to take God’s word further and deeper into the hearts and minds of Filipino youth.  We have station upgrades underway (thank you for giving to our Edge Guihulngan transmitter project), exciting new developments for our mobile app ministry and even an opportunity to expand into ongoing television projects.  On the flip-side, our ministry has never faced challenges on the same scale as they are right now.  In October, the international organization that funded our Philippines operations informed us that they would no longer be able to continue with us.  From this point moving forward, Kim and I are taking on much larger financial responsibilities for the ministry (a big step of faith for us) and we’ll be moving our Manila office into our home starting in January.

At this hour of need, a dear friend of ours has come forward and offering us $5,000 in the form of a matching funds gift.  If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically he will match every gift we receive up to $5,000 from now until midnight of Jan. 1, 2016.   Kim and I never want to pressure anyone into giving.  We have learned (and are continuing to learn) that the Lord provides for our needs as He sees fit, in His way and in His timing… but may I humbly ask you to consider a gift while we have this rare opportunity?  In addition to having your gift go twice as far as usual, you’ll also be able to take advantage of year-end giving tax deductions as you support our work through Emerge Missions, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3.


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