How I live for God says everything about what I believe about God…so, what am I saying?

DJ Trainees at the Edge Guihulngan.
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The scripture also tells us that God is limitless in His power, authority and resources. As a follower of Christ I believe all these things, but if I’m honest I also have to admit that this has been one of the great struggles of my missionary journey.    For me, it’s easy to believe God when life is just chugging along but what about when the wheels fall off?  Does belief come as easily when it’s the only thing you have left?

Last October my wheels did fall off.  We lost our single largest source of funding for the media ministry we serve.  Our financial reserves were already running on fumes and that meant as the ministry’s leader I had to make some tough choices really fast… decisions that could hurt the precious Filipino friends I’m blessed to have on my staff.  We started with suspending the meager allowances they received, then we moved on to cutting programs which lead to the closure of our radio station in Davao, and lastly we closed our office space and moved the ministry headquarters into our home.  In the absence of funding, this also meant Kim and I would now be personally responsible for making up any financial shortfalls the ministry had.   This was our Christmas and New Years and there was very little “holly & jolly.”

As we started reaching out to friends as this was unfolding, one friend gave me the greatest practical encouragement I think I’ve ever received.  He told me, “Act.  Action stirs action.”  For me, a moment of crisis makes me want to circle the wagons and duck for cover but he was telling me that this was the time to storm the gates.

Just before this hit, the Lord had provided enough funds through our personal donors to purchase a transmitter from the US for our station in Guihulngan.  The temptation was to cancel the equipment order and the trip to pick it up and to put those funds back into our operations budget.  My friend’s encouragement (and the conviction of the Holy Spirit) helped me stay the course and do the right thing.

I am so glad that God can work with a mustard seed faith, because I think it was all I had.  As I continued to cautiously follow the advice to “act” an amazing thing happened.  God started acting on our behalf and mountains started moving.  Look at what God has done (and this is just a partial list):

  • When I called the developer of our mobile app to cancel our monthly maintenance package they instead decided to give $10,000 in new app platforms and cut our maintenance expense in half.
  • Friends rallied to the needs of the ministry and helped to raise close to $8,000 during a special matching funds campaign.
  • As the Edge Davao City was closing it’s 10 year radio ministry, the Lord was opening the door for them to launch a youth-oriented, MTV-like Christian music video show on a nationwide broadcast network. Pre-production has already begun.
  • The group that had withdrawn their support generously decided to make a one time gift to help cover our transition expenses (about $5,000) and then continue with us for the next six months at a lesser amount.

Lastly, as you read this email, I am likely onboard a flight to China enroute to the US.  The Lord is so good.  He has provided for the purchase of another transmitter which will be used by our station in Sibugay, Zamboanga, an area in Mindanao (the large southern island)  that has been the center of great unrest with Muslim activists in recent years.  I appreciate your prayers for a safe and uneventful trip bringing the equipment back into the country for Pastor Geoffrey Balatero & his team.

We serve a BIG God.  May we BELIEVE and ACT accordingly.  When we do, we can rest assured that the God who delights in doing “immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine” is acting on our behalf.

Thank you for being part of this,

Mike & Kim Medlin (for Dylan, Tyler, Victoria, Sierra, Maverick, Orlando & Leia)

Prayer Requests and Praises

  • Pray for my vision.  It continues to deteriorate in my left eye with a rapidly maturing cataract. Poor vision and headaches are making it more challenging to do my work and to drive at night.  We’re asking for healing or provision for the surgery.
  • Dylan’s financial aid package for college next year is even better than this past year.  With his new appointment as a Resident Assistant for next year, he just might have a full ride!
  • Pray for wisdom for Tyler as he is making decisions for college and life after high school.  Also pray for the Lord’s provision.
  • We’re so grateful that Leia is almost a bona-fide US Citizen.  We’ve completed all of her paperwork at the US Embassy and it should be back in about a month.
Please let us know how we can pray for you.  Email us at



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