Emerge Missions

 is an innovative missions outreach to young people in emerging nations using dynamic media, catalytic events, and a vibrant online community as our primary strategies for effecting the transformation of their lives.

Christians in much of Asianumber only 1% of the population.  They are God’s precious mustard seed, sown among their people.  The cultivation of that seed must be the highest priority for the church.  This group is our best hope for reaching the nations.

Emerge exists to aid in the personal development of 15-30 year old Christian leaders in the emerging nations of the world.   We earnestly invest our resources and energies in strengthening their development in three key areas:


• Leadership Competency

• Communication Ability, especially through Media

At Emerge, we are particularly interested in developing outreach leaders and media missionaries for the harvest of Asia.  We want to see them having the confidence and ability to get a fiery vision, make a strategic plan and then execute it effectively through a team they have developed, all for the sake of the Kingdom.

Learn more about our work across Asia when you visit us at EmergeMissions.org


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