The Edge

There are over 101 million people in thePhilippinesof which the median age is only 22.  Young Filipinos are English speaking, tech savvy and suffer from a severely misplaced love affair with media and western pop-culture.  Recent studies show they spend an unbelievable 93% of their day consuming media.  These media messages tell them how to think, how to dress and how to live and most often encourage greed, materialism, and sensuality.

The Edge Media takes advantage of this cultural phenomenon by wielding the power and influence of the media for the sake of the Gospel.  As the nation’s first Christian music radio network, The Edge is taking captive the hearts and minds of young Filipinos for Christ.  In addition, The Edge is training the next generation of media missionaries through Media camps and conferences.

Get to know our work better and even listen to and or watch our live webstream at


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