Welcome to Life on the Edge

Life on the edge.  It’s how we’re all intended to live.  It begins or ends anew every day with our response to the supreme invitation to “Come, follow after me.”  Life on the edge is more about posture than it is position, more of attitude than it is aptitude, and ultimately availability over ability.  In a word it is “willingness.”  A willingness to “forsake all others” in a relentless pursuit of the only One worth pursuing.The Edge Family

The Medlin family pursuit leads us to the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.”  Kim and I will be joining the family at The Edge Media, a Christian music radio network targeted squarely at the heart and future of the Philippines:  it’s 30 million plus teens and young adults.  The median age for the Philippines is only 22!  As the only predominantly Christian nation in southeast Asia, The Edge Media is poised on the frontlines of the strategic 10-40 window to equip and encourage those who are most effectively positioned to reach the Orient for Christ.

You’re invited to join us on our journey to life on the edge .  Visit here often for frequent updates and please consider partnering with us in our Members Area with your prayers and financial support. Kim and I will be working at The Edge Media Network headquarters in Manila under the umbrella of Emerge Missions, a nonprofit 501(c)(3).  All donations made to support our work are tax deductible.  To partner with us please click on the Just Give banner to the right and when asked to “Designate My Donation” PLEASE indicate “Support for Mike & Kim Medlin.”  Thank you so much for helping us take the gospel to the youth of the Philippines!

Kim and I also wish to challenge you to live your own “life on the edge.”  The destination for each of us is different but the starting point is all the same.  It begins with a simple decision.  Start your journey today.  We’ll be applauding you….from The Edge.


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